Marc Worth

There is no excuse to not have your own website

By On April 26, 2017

Everyone should have their own website. In this digital age, a website is your central hub of connectivity. It is where you can promote yourself or your business, share your ideas, post… Read More


How to cope with failure

By On April 19, 2017

  On the challenging feat of inventing the light bulb, Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That sounds pretty good on paper, but… Read More


Strategic thinking in business

By On April 13, 2017

Strategic focus is key in business. The ability to see the big picture and steer your company as a whole is essential to effective leadership. On of the most important parts of… Read More


The Internet of Things (IoT) and your Business

By On April 4, 2017

The Internet of Things or IoT as it is also known, is no longer only discussed by tech geeks but is increasingly being talked about in wider circles. But what is it and… Read More


5 tips for success as an entrepreneur

By On March 29, 2017

Here are a few realistic points about being a successful entrepreneur. There may be exceptions, but by and large, these are tips that most highly successful entrepreneurs have followed or demonstrated. Work… Read More


Venture capital crash course

By On March 21, 2017

Many people know about the excitement and turmoil of the entrepreneur’s journey in raising money for their business. However, not many people know exactly how it works. For that reason, I want… Read More

AI 2

What AI means for your business

By On March 14, 2017

Last week I wrote a blog on how AI is changing the game. But what does AI mean specifically for those in business and entrepreneurship? Whilst there has been concern over AI… Read More


How AI is changing the game

By On March 7, 2017

Artificial intelligence or as it most commonly known, AI, has become a buzzword, particularly in technology and innovation circles. But what is it? Should we be scared of it? And how does… Read More


The importance of inspirational leadership

By On February 28, 2017

In one of my latest blogs, I discussed the importance of support-based leadership. In the same way that you need to support your employees in order to lead, you also need to… Read More


The importance of down-time

By On February 23, 2017

In our hyper-connected digital age characterised by immediacy it is very easy for entrepreneurs and established business leaders to get caught up in a culture of constant work – overwork. Down-time, that… Read More