Marc Worth
Ethan Lofton CC/BY 2.0

Three ways to boost creative thinking

By On June 23, 2017

Creative thinking has never been more important or valuable to organisations. However, with the hectic nature and multitude of distractions we all deal with day-to-day, in many ways, creative thinking has never… Read More


Why Words Matter in your Business

By On June 16, 2017

Are phrases like ‘I can’t’ or ‘that will never work’ used a lot in your business? These small words can have a big, detrimental impact on the productivity and efficiency of an organisation.… Read More


The power of NO

By On June 12, 2017

Learning to say no is one of the most valuable skills a person can learn. However, it isn’t easy. Human beings love to please other human beings. We are terrified to disappoint,… Read More

image of seedling representing ethical fashion

Sustainable Fashion’s New Frontier

By On June 1, 2017

Consumer desire for ‘fast-fashion’ has transformed the apparel industry. A field once dominated by the traditional two season calendar has morphed into a multi-drop, fast moving industry that even the biggest players… Read More

JD Hancock

You can (and must) learn to be creative

By On May 26, 2017

I have written many times before that creativity is not a mysterious, rarely bestowed gift. It is a skill, a process and a mindset which can be practiced and learned. There are… Read More

The new rules of luxury

The New Rules of Luxury

By On May 18, 2017

Stylus has just released our latest macro trend ‘The New Rules of Luxury‘. This fresh look at an ever evolving market is well worth a read for any brands looking to make a mark with… Read More


Give Your Brain a Break

By On May 11, 2017

The success of WGSN was down to technology. We were the first people to realise the advantage of shifting the trend forecasting industry from an analogue model based on hefty books produced… Read More


One framework to help with open-ended business questions

By On May 4, 2017

Let’s begin with an open-ended question that is never far from a business owner’s mind: How do I increase profitability? When looking at the question of increasing profitability from a management consulting… Read More


There is no excuse to not have your own website

By On April 26, 2017

Everyone should have their own website. In this digital age, a website is your central hub of connectivity. It is where you can promote yourself or your business, share your ideas, post… Read More


How to cope with failure

By On April 19, 2017

  On the challenging feat of inventing the light bulb, Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That sounds pretty good on paper, but… Read More