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What do you want your 2018 to look like?

By On December 22, 2017

As the new year approaches, I would like to encourage you to take a moment to reflect on this year and how you would like to shape 2018. Our ultimate objective is… Read More


Three technologies that will dramatically change our physical world

By On December 13, 2017

One of the reasons I am passionate about technology is that it allows us to solve problems in new and better ways. As we move into the fourth industrial revolution, the new… Read More


Problem-solving is the timeless root of entrepreneurship

By On December 8, 2017

We live in a time where technology has allowed a single individual to exert the influence that would have taken dozens of individuals only 50 years ago. But despite this new capability,… Read More


When you need a change in perspective…

By On November 28, 2017

A change in perspective brings a fresh view to the same old problems. It changes what options are within your sight, even though your circumstances might remain the same. If you need… Read More


How to succeed at Negotiations

By On November 16, 2017

Negotiations are everywhere. When persuasion is involved, negotiations are at play, even if neither party recognises it. It pays to be good at negotiations because it is largely the art of getting… Read More


Conflict management: The right way to handle someone who upsets you

By On November 8, 2017

Sometimes there are people that manage to get under your skin, no matter how much you try to prevent it. When someone does or says something that (justly) infuriates you, it creates… Read More

Play and Innovation

How playfulness fuels innovation

By On November 1, 2017

Where does innovation come from and what creates creativity? We have all experienced moments of genuine creativity. Moments where our minds are firing in lateral ways, connecting dots that had previously been… Read More


Pros and cons: Working in a co-working space

By On October 27, 2017

Remote work is a growing trend. With this increase in remote work has come an increased demand for co-working spaces. Every remote worker soon learns that while it can be nice to… Read More


Seeing the big picture with the Business Model Canvas

By On October 18, 2017

Seeing the big picture is a critical leadership skill. You have to know what the greater vision is, as well as how the business accomplishes this at large. One tool that can… Read More


4 ongoing-practices of an effective leader

By On October 2, 2017

Being an effective leader requires an individual to live as a leader. Merely putting on the leader hat during working hours does not suffice. This is because in order to be an… Read More