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When you need a change in perspective…

By On November 28, 2017

A change in perspective brings a fresh view to the same old problems. It changes what options are within your sight, even though your circumstances might remain the same. If you need… Read More

Play and Innovation

How playfulness fuels innovation

By On November 1, 2017

Where does innovation come from and what creates creativity? We have all experienced moments of genuine creativity. Moments where our minds are firing in lateral ways, connecting dots that had previously been… Read More


Seeing the big picture with the Business Model Canvas

By On October 18, 2017

Seeing the big picture is a critical leadership skill. You have to know what the greater vision is, as well as how the business accomplishes this at large. One tool that can… Read More

Design Thinking

Use design thinking to see problems as opportunities

By On August 4, 2017

One of the main drivers of entrepreneurship is the desire to fix the problems we see in the world. Of course, there is a perception of glamor, and a hope for riches… Read More

Ethan Lofton CC/BY 2.0

Three ways to boost creative thinking

By On June 23, 2017

Creative thinking has never been more important or valuable to organisations. However, with the hectic nature and multitude of distractions we all deal with day-to-day, in many ways, creative thinking has never… Read More

JD Hancock

You can (and must) learn to be creative

By On May 26, 2017

I have written many times before that creativity is not a mysterious, rarely bestowed gift. It is a skill, a process and a mindset which can be practiced and learned. There are… Read More

The new rules of luxury

The New Rules of Luxury

By On May 18, 2017

Stylus has just released our latest macro trend ‘The New Rules of Luxury‘. This fresh look at an ever evolving market is well worth a read for any brands looking to make a mark with… Read More


A legacy of inspiration through data

By On February 10, 2017

When looking for inspiration or a mood pick-me-up, data is not what comes to mind. However, any frequenter of TED would have heard of Professor Hans Rosling, the man who used data… Read More


Creative marketing strategies for the Christmas season

By On December 23, 2016

Over the holiday season, marketers rack their brains to find creative ways of capitalising on increased consumer spending.  Holiday discounts are frequently used to take advantage of the festive spirit, from Boxing… Read More


How to have breakthrough conversations

By On December 19, 2016

The late psychologist Marshall Rosenberg believed that to have meaningful, ‘breakthrough’ conversations, you need to find a way to identify and meet each participant’s needs. To do this, he developed a widely… Read More