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Give Your Brain a Break

By On May 11, 2017

The success of WGSN was down to technology. We were the first people to realise the advantage of shifting the trend forecasting industry from an analogue model based on hefty books produced… Read More


The Internet of Things (IoT) and your Business

By On April 4, 2017

The Internet of Things or IoT as it is also known, is no longer only discussed by tech geeks but is increasingly being talked about in wider circles. But what is it and… Read More

AI 2

What AI means for your business

By On March 14, 2017

Last week I wrote a blog on how AI is changing the game. But what does AI mean specifically for those in business and entrepreneurship? Whilst there has been concern over AI… Read More


How AI is changing the game

By On March 7, 2017

Artificial intelligence or as it most commonly known, AI, has become a buzzword, particularly in technology and innovation circles. But what is it? Should we be scared of it? And how does… Read More


Universal basic income

By On January 25, 2017

The growth in artificial intelligence and robotics has accelerated the automation of both physical and mental, and skilled and unskilled human jobs. Auto manufacturing and McDonald’s self-serve menus come to mind. The… Read More


Business applications of drone technology

By On January 20, 2017

Drones are a technology that has already made a strong mark in business world, yet drones are only at the beginning of their technological life-cycle. The history of drones is an interesting… Read More


Let’s talk about DeepMind

By On January 12, 2017

Most tech enthusiasts are familiar with DeepMind, Alphabet’s artificial intelligence research and application company. DeepMind is working to develop general purpose learning systems. The aim is for these systems to identify key… Read More

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Are you ready for Ad blocking?

By On October 27, 2016

Ad blocking, software used to remove advertising content from a webpage is entering the mainstream. It’s reported that 20.5% of UK internet users are using ad blocking software in 2016, which could… Read More

social media brain

How to avoid important information slipping through your fingertips

By On October 7, 2016

Social media like Twitter and Facebook provide us with information at our fingertips. However, most of us quickly forget most of the information broadcast to us. Forget to write down the headline… Read More

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How Airbnb came to dominate the hospitality industry

By On September 16, 2016

Created to build a network business allowing people to rent out spare space, Airbnb has pushed into more than 190 markets in just eight years. According to The New York Times, it… Read More